Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day Seven Writing Results

“Fair enough, I guess,” Quentin said dejectedly. Kristina rolled her eyes. No help there. Mark was going to get his ass kicked by an engaged fairy and it would be all her fault. She tapped lightly on his shoulder, and when he didn’t respond, she tapped harder. He shrugged her off, and she rolled her eyes. Kristina kicked him hard in the back of his knee. He went down on the floor. He wasn’t hurt, she knew that, and she had a lot more to say.
“Mark, what in the hell are you doing?” Kristina asked. She turned him around and faced the two gay men. Shortie was immediately welcoming of her, waving at her and wrapping her in a big hug. He smelled strongly of vodka and rum.
“Hi!” He shook her hand vigorously. “My name is Harrison Blunt. I just got engaged.” The smile wouldn’t drop from his face.
“I see that,” Kristina said, electing not to bring up her little tirade from a moment ago. “Who’s the lucky lady?”
“That would be me,” said the Giant, looking up from his phone. “Although I think only one of those qualifiers describes me right now.”
“We’re both very lucky,” Harrison said, blushing. “Do you want to see the ring?”
“I don’t think anyone in here has missed it,” said Kristina. She was trying hard to keep the condescending out of her voice and failing miserably, and she knew it. “It’s the size of Pennsylvania.”
“Jack spared no expense,” Harrison the Shortie said. He was still beaming with the light of a thousand fluorescent light bulbs, and it was just as annoying. “Isn’t it gorgeous? We may not have much in the way of material goods, but we’ve got each other, and that’s the important part.”
“Isn’t that… special?” Kristina said. She didn’t often try to be PC, but this was her night out, and she’d be damned if some saccharine gay couple would spoil it. “This is my friend, Mark. He and I used to date in high school.”
“Yeah, he told us,” Jack said as his ton dropped a bit lower. He patted Mark on the shoulders. “If you like, sweetie, we can give you some tips for dealing with guys.” 

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