Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012 Is Upon Us

NaNoWriMo is upon us again, kiddles. I'm doing it for the third time this year, and I'm planning on winning once again. I won the last two sessions, plus a session of Camp NaNoWriMo this June. I like to think of myself as a veteran, but there are at least a dozen other people in the Syracuse area who have been writing for ten years or more, and got their NoNovels published, so that puts something of a damper on my theory. The last two novels I wrote, The Baker's Daughter and The Golden Army, were Science Fantasy Adventure novels in the vein of A Song of Ice and Fire, and they were two parts in a quartet (or possibly quintet).

This year, I'm doing something else: I'll be writing a cozy mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie for my fiance, who loves mystery novels, particularly the canon of Agatha Christie. I'm writing this novel specifically to see if I can stump him. I'm not holding out hope, but I'm going to try, dammit.  This novel is called One for the Road, and it stars a character I created in college named Kristina Pagan. She used to be a witch with powers from both Heaven and Hell, but I repurposed her for this story, and I think she's better off for it. She's now an amateur detective trying to write the world's greatest mystery novel, and the plot of her story is below:
The Dingy Den, despite it's name, has the distinction of being the most popular bar around Devlin University. Not many duelling piano bars exist in the surrounding town, and the two piano players, Paul Culman and Scarlett Powers, are known far and wide throughout the music world for their talent. However, when a body turns up outside the bar,  Kristina Pagan - brooding genius, frequent patron, unsuccessful mystery novelist, and part-time TA - feels compelled to set aside her social and professional lives to find out how it got there and why when her long-time friend and ex-lover, Patrick Blake, lays the blame on her current girlfriend, Sarah Bennett. Unfortunately for Kristina, someone is on her trail and doesn’t want her to find out what happened to the poor unfortunate soul, and will stop at nothing to keep her out of the investigation.

I'm looking forward to spending the month with Kristina, and I hope she'll be a lot of fun to write. I'll be updating this blog every day with the raw results of my writing, so check back here if you want to keep up with the story as it's being written. Join me for my most exciting NaNoWriMo ever!

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